Frank Lloyd Wrong

Tucson, Arizona (10/4/1971)

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How to Find a Job Doing What You Love!
Chapter 5 - Compromise

Great job! You've discovered what your life's passion is. You've discovered the circumstances under which you can do it! Now we need to figure out how to make that into your life's work! Let's continue with Miguel. Miguel's life passion is to skip stones on a placid, isolated pond in the wilderness while wearing his birthday suit. That's a dream worth having, and soon we will help Miguel to find his dream!

First, his birthday suit. That's great. What a dream worth having. And Miguel we can get you about halfway there. We can get you a job where you wear a suit. Remember, compromise is the key! We can't always get what we want. But if we try, we find we just might get what you need. And in this case, you need to wear a suit to your new job!

Second, a placid, isolated pond in the wilderness! What's "wilder" than an office full of cubicles? I can't think of anything, because that's where I've spent the bulk of my life over the last thirty years! And what's more isolating than the stark anomie of modernity? Nothing. We've worked hard to create a soulless, breathless, confining prison for your mind, Miguel! So, you're wearing a suit to your office!

Finally, skipping stones... Well, people like to skip their insurance payments don't they? They just want to float across the pond of life, the scumbags. And when people skip their insurance payments, their claims need to be denied, don't they? So, put on your suit and skip to your new job denying people's claims over the phone in your cubicle. I mean, actually, it's not a cubicle. You get a cubicle after about eight years, depending. It's a long desk with a partial partition between you and the person sitting next to you. Truly WILD!

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