Frank Lloyd Wrong

Tucson, Arizona (10/4/1971)

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Instant Justice!
I had a rare "Instant Justice" moment. I was driving home from delivering a few books to a few different Little Free Libraries. I was on a four lane road, two lanes in each direction, with a speed limit of 35. I am going 37, with the cruise control on. So, from way far back I can see a car coming up real fast. There are two lanes, mind you. There is no one else on the road. He gets right up on my ass, backs off, rushes up, backs off, rushes up, and then belaboredly puts on his turn signal, rushes around me and really aggessively gets right in front of me as we come up to a green light. And he stops at the green light.

This is classic road rage. I am sorry I was driving the speed limit on a road where there is a whole second lane for you to pass me. I was prepared to apologize. I know what is going on. We have a Prius, and some people around here are getting very aggressive. So, I am prepared for something along the lines of, "Every goddamn day one of you Liberal piece of shit Prius motherfuckers CUTS ME OFF," and yadda yadda yadda. I look in the rearview mirror. There is no one on the road, so I am prepared to just pop it in reverse and get the hell out of there.

But lo! Waiting at the intersection, at a red light, to turn left onto the street me and Mr. Road Rage are on is a Police Cruiser. Maniac McGee does not notice the Police Officer, he opens his car door, and apparently notices the cop just as he is stepping out of his car. He quickly gets back in, puts on his turn signal and turns right. The cop immediately does a lights on U-Turn! INSTANT JUSTICE!

I can just imagine this asshole, "You don't understand, officer! That guy was driving 10 miles an hour! I swear to God! He's drunk! Pull HIM over! I was trying to save lives!"

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Sweet. That happens too seldom in life.

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